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  • York HF Rambling Club (formerly York CHA & HF Rambling Club) is a friendly independent club, which is dedicated to the purpose of providing enjoyable walking in the countryside. 
  • Founded in 1908 we believe the club to be the oldest walking group in the York area.
  • Since its earliest formation the club has continued to allow its members to take part in healthy exercise, appreciate and learn about the countryside while enjoying the companionship of others.
  • The walks take place on Sunday's every three weeks and can be combined with regular social events and short holiday breaks.

  • To date the club is thriving and at present has a membership of above one hundred.

Notice to members: 

  • The Annual General Meeting of the Club is to be held on the 12th February 2019 at St Olave’s Church Hall at 7.30 p.m.  Nomination forms for members to be elected on to the next Committee will be circulated around the coach prior to the meeting. New members for the Committee are always welcome. 
  • In order to gain an earlier arrival at the coach destination, there will be no set time for the coach to depart from Clarence Street.  Consequently, the coach may arrive at subsequent pick-up points earlier than previously experienced, will members joining the coach please allow for this. 
  • Please follow us on Facebook by using the link at the foot of this page
  • Copies of the Club Constitution, Rules & G.D.P.R. information can be found on the website.

  • Club members Mollie Tillott on the left of the photograph (born 1883) and Emily Tillott shown 2nd left (born 1886) during a ramble in the clubs early day. Please see the 'History Page' for extracts from the club archives

The above photograph was taken on a walk to the Yorkshire Dales in 2018

If you have a message for members please use the 'Message Board' (you can post your own entries)
October 2018 to April 2019 rambling dates can be seen on the website please see the 'Walk Dates' page for further details.

We also have a number of Social events coming up, please see the 'Social Calendar' page or the latest programme for further details.

Following the presentation that Douglas G Hope (Researcher University of Cumbria) gave to the club we are very pleased to announce that Douglas has kindly produced an article which now appears on the website.

Thomas Arthur Leonard, who founded the Co-operative Holidays Association (CHA) in 1893 and the Holiday Fellowship (HF) in 1913, was described on his death in 1948 as the Father of the open-air holiday movement.  The article shows that this epitaph is no under-statement. (To read more please visit the About the founder of CHA & HF page).

Also see our links page which can direct you to the Douglas Hope website.

(If after reading the article you would like to get in touch Douglas or request any additional information please click here).

If you are new to the club and would like to know more then please see the 'About Us' page

Affiliated to Ramblers Association & HF Holidays

Thanks to the National Lottery for help through the Big Lottery Fund