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Congratulations to Roger Dunning who following many years of continuous membership was presented with ‘Honorary Membership’ by Club President Peter Little at the 2016 A.G.M. . Thanks were expressed to Roger who over this time held a number of club posts including that of Club President from 1972 to 1974 and again from 1996 to 2000.

Warmest congratulations are also sent to Peter Lidgett who was also awarded ‘Honorary Membership’ at the 2016 A.G.M.  Peter was also a past Club President and held the position during the club centenary period.

Ramble Leaders: As you will see from the latest programme, some of our planned rambles still require leaders. If you could fill one of the vacant slots by leading a ramble, Jill Turnbull would be pleased to hear from you. The Club gives leaders a cash supplement to defray costs and free coach travel on the day: every assistance will be given, so please help if you can.

Annual Subscription: The Club’s annual Membership Subscription of £10.00 was due at the A.G.M. If you have not yet paid your subscription, Jim Stonehouse will be pleased to receive it, either personally or by post (his address is on the Rambles Programme).

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